About ME!

ME (My Empire) is a small home based business that started as a hobby and something to enjoy with family and friends.  It all began with sharing shoes for special occasions and booking them in advance between sisters and friends.  It became a home therapy to design and see it come to reality. The initial thinking around ME was for the fine, long, wide, neutral arch, low arch, flat, orient ,high arch feet (just to name a few).  But as we started learning more about feet in our community, it was actually a downfall that a lot of women were facing. Meeting and getting to know a few of ME's customers, there were some really funny stories and no doubt there were also the struggles and feeling of being left out because not all women can afford the shoes that will actually fit their feet or can find the right shoes.

Fashion has become a very bold statement to our everyday lives. And as a woman or anyone, you want to be part of it. Whether only for a few minutes to a few hours, if it makes you feel good, why not??? I've seen first hand of how shoes, clothing,  make up or whatever accessories used to turn a shy grown girl into a confident woman, and that's how "MY EMPIRE" was born. The motion started taking place and we started out in late 2016 so shop was up and running from 2017 and it was all about trial and error, till now it's still a learning process. Literally it was a part time/weekend home shop.  We have regular customers and new ones now and than that keeps the momentum going.  As for security measures, everyone was booked in by appointment times to view and shop. We had a few pop ups at the local markets and that was fun. We were often asked for clothing too or if we can make them to match the shoes so that it becomes a one stop shop. 

What we have learned from this past 2 and 1/2 years, is that shoes are already a thing and that there are a few and better shops out there that can cater for these women's needs and wants. Clothing stores are everywhere and shoes are also part of their products. FASHION again is part of our everyday society. So what is going to make ME different or attractive? Listening to the personal stories from these gorgeous women and seeing them smile when you get to go a size down or find the right shoe that fits, help them to wear heels for the first time it's a priceless!! Having a  home business allowed  that home feeling of women opening up because they were comfortable to tell their story.  My Empire, aims to make that happy feet feeling more often. Provide plus size shoes at a comfortable price and having fun wearing it. Be able to change shoes like how we change our clothing.  

The year 2020... we were scheduled to go live and further our products and designs.  However, COVID19 happened and is still going so things have shifted off track. Now, we have to make the best of what we can do to keep on going. Starting on a new chapter.  ME is going "online" giving access to more women and able to do their purchase without appointments and provide post or courier options.

Along this journey, we met a few people who are very positive and in the same mindset but don't know how to start-up.  As my empire already has a retail platform up and running, we decided that it would be a great opportunity to share the platform and help support local communities, business start-ups and for anyone with talents or skills that have been hidden and want to pursue it. 

My Empire, is now sharing it's platform to support other start-ups, small businesses, handcraft products, fashion designers and any local skills and knowledge to sell their products.  So the dream is to develop this online hub as a marketing tool and support anyone with a passion to develop or a creativity mind to support the family, community or economy.  We have partnered with other International Suppliers and Distributors to be able to provide a variety of goods and services  for a reasonable price that we can enjoy it.  We are always looking to add other accessories along with shoes so that ME can have more categories available online.  

Stay tuned as we start this new adventure and we will update our online store as we go along.  

Thank you and we look forward to always doing business with you.

My Empire